Who should use this Web site?

If you have received a Canada or Integrated Student Loan then this Web site is for you. The following loans are administered by the National Student Loans Service Centre:

  • Canada Student Loans
  • Canada Student Loans for Part-time Students
  • Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-New Brunswick Integrated Student Loans
  • Canada-British Columbia Integrated Student Loans

What information about my student loans will I find here?

The National Student Loans Service Centre is pleased to provide a way for you to get information and details about your student loans.

  • Check the status of your student loan
  • Check the balance of your loan(s)
  • Review details of new loans you've recently received
  • Update your Mailing and Permanent Addresses and other contact information on-line
  • Access your T4A tax slip in your Mailbox
  • Submit a request to confirm your enrolment
  • Review your loan payment and transaction history
  • Receive helpful information about your loan in your Personal Message Centre
  • Customize Your Repayment: Use this tool to create a request form to increase or decrease your monthly payment.
  • Get Repayment Assistance: If you qualify for periods of Repayment Assistance, the government will help make payments toward your loan. You could be approved to receive interest and/or principal Repayment Assistance.

This Web site gives you the flexibility to access your student loans at your convenience.

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