New Features on NSLSC On-Line Services

In an effort to further enhance the student experience, the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) has begun to digitalize communications with borrowers and has started to place electronic notifications in the student’s secure online mailbox within the NSLSC On-Line Services Website.

As part of this initiative, borrowers will first receive an email message informing them that they have an important notice waiting for them in their secure online mailbox and advising them to sign in to retrieve it. All emails will be sent from the NSLSC’s email address - - under the sender name NSLSC Information Service and the subject line of the emails will be one of the following:

  • Important Update: Check your Mailbox
  • Action Required: Check your Mailbox

If a borrower does not have an account with the NSLSC On-Line Services, they will also receive an email that encourages them to complete the registration process to create their own secure online account. The secure link to register for an account is as follows:

Over the next several months, the NSLSC will begin to transition communications that are normally mailed out over to this secure online service. By the end of spring 2015, borrowers will be able to view their notifications of confirmed funding, confirmations of End of Study Dates, and notifications of End of School Year Approaching, as well as their Repayment Assistance Plan application notifications, Income Tax Receipts for interest paid, T4A tax documents and their Loan Statements.

Should you have any questions concerning this transition or if you receive any emails and question their legitimacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.